Gorge Yourselves on Limited Time Don’t Starve Together Event

Back in 2016, Klei Entertainment released Don’t Starve Together┬ábecause surviving the harsh wilderness and monsters alone isn’t as much fun as doing it with a friend. Even with all the expansions released with this edition of the game, Klei Entertainment is continuing support of the game with a new limited time, three-person co-op event The Gorge. Players will find themselves pulled through the Molten Gateway into a run-down city ruled by a ravenous beast. This beast has an appetite so great, our survivors will have to cook the finest dishes they can scrounge together in order to placate the Eternal Gnaw’s hunger and avoid the curse of its terrible plague. If you cook well enough, you’ll avoid getting chopped and may even be able to go home.

This new event will introduce new skins, emotes, items and more as you try to satisfy a creature more fickle than Gordon Ramsay himself. The goal is to cook and offer food to the Alter of Gnaw, however this will require all the cooperation possible from three master chefs. A Beta for the event starts early next week with more details to be announced on The Gorge Event Forum. This new event begins June 14 and runs through July 9 on PC, with more concrete details for consoles to follow closer to the launch date.