Strange Brigade’s New Co-op Trailer Highlights the Hidden Valley Level

Rebellion’s upcoming third-person pulp adventure-inspired shooter Strange Brigade comes out at the end of this Summer, but that doesn’t mean the British developers don’t have more of it to reveal until then. In preparation for its showcase at E3 next week, a new trailer was released for the game that you can check out below, highlighting the four-player co-op gameplay and giving us all a look at the previously unseen campaign level, Hidden Valley.

Aside from the co-op action, we get to see the types of traps and environmental hazards that you can use against your undead foes, alongside supernatural special attacks that can definitely come in handy against hordes, and even a puzzle or two that are thrown into the mix as well. So Hidden Valley seems to have a lot to offer, but will the rest of the game live up to the thrill-seeking mood that the serial-style trailer suggests? We’ll see when Strange Brigade comes out for PC, PS4, and XB1 on August 28.