E3 2018: Anthem Will Not Have Lootboxes

Anthem is quite possibly one of the most anticipated games ever since its reveal last year. It features a balanced co-op experience with various classes of characters. You have to face-off against the threats of the world which are literally trying to kill you whether it be massive monsters or enemy forces.

Now, since it is an online multiplayer game, many have feared it would contain lootboxes and/or microtransactions. It is with great pleasure to announce there will be absolutely no lootboxes. However, in-game purchases for cosmetics and more will be featured though you will always know exactly what you are getting. Random items look to be a thing of the past.

While it may not be the biggest news to come from E3, it is definitely a step in the right direction for the video game industry. Numerous titles have been heavily criticized and even sued in legal battles for implementing such a gamble. It is nice to see this upcoming title will be free of the lootboxes, hopefully more will follow suit.

Check out the latest Anthem including a brand new trailer.