E3 2018: Unravel Two Announced AND Available Now

The charming platformer Unravel was a welcome surprise when it was announced as the first game for the EA Originals imprint, and was indeed warmly received upon launch. So when Unravel Two was announced at this year’s EA Play press conference, we couldn’t help but erupt in glee a bit. As a cinematic showed, you begin the game stranded, stripped of everything from before, including your spark…at least until a new, blue Yarny appeared, revealing that the sequel is taking a co-op approach.

Rest assured, though, this isn’t forced co-op, as players can control each Yarny at once, similar to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A gameplay demo shown onstage saw two-player co-op in action as our heroes attempted to escaped a feisty bird, and it looked amazing. And then a bigger bombshell was dropped, revealing that we won’t have to wait for Unravel Two, as it’s available right now! You can check out the trailer below, then go grab Unravel Two on PC, PS4, or XB1.