E3 2018: Get Drunk on Seven Minutes of Gameplay Footage For Afterparty

Sometimes, it can be incredibly difficult to top an incredible first outing. In 2016, developers Night School Studio hit it big with Oxenfree, an amazing graphic adventure involving an engrossing paranormal tale. But how could the developers go up from there? Simple: By going downwards instead, into the deepest pits of Hell, where two deceased college students have to escape their torment by beating Satan in a drinking contest. Such is the setup for Afterparty, which has now showcased a full seven or so minutes of gameplay footage for E3 that you can check out here.

Taking place near the beginning of the game, we see our main characters Milo and Lola get their first taste of Hell in gameplay initially similar to that of Oxenfree, interacting with some of locals via chit-chat, but also being able to glimpse their social media posts as well. Eventually, they hit up a dive bar for some drinks, with your beverage of choice affecting the character’s mood and dialogue options, before eventually winding up in a mini-game of classic beer pong against a demon where more liquor means more taunts. It all looks like an absolutely twisted blast, so make sure to prepare some celebratory shots for Afterparty when it comes out in 2019 for all major consoles and iOS.