E3 2018: The Annual ID@Xbox Sizzle Reel Delights Again

One thing that’s always expected from Microsoft’s E3 press conference these days is the ID@Xbox sizzle reel, a quick clip detailing the latest batch of indie games headed to the Xbox One in the coming future. This year was no exception, and you can check out the latest montage from Microsoft’s shindig below.

While some included titles were given a larger showcase during the event, such as Tunic and Cuphead’s upcoming expansion, we also got a look at console launch exclusives and titles coming to Xbox Game Pass such as Afterparty, Outer Wilds, Waking, Below, and Ashen, alongside other games such as Generation Zero, Sable, Harold Halibut, Children of Morta, Raji: An Anicient Epic, and more. It’s a promising lineup, and Xbox One owners should definitely keep their eyes peeled for any of these titles in the coming months.