E3 2018: Captain Spirit Choices Directly Affect Life Is Strange 2

Players’ choices in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will have an impact in Dontnod Entertainment’s Life Is Strange 2.

That’s according to The Awesome Adventures’ Steam listing, which reveals that some of the “choices and actions will link to your Life Is Strange 2 experience.”

The Life Is Strange developer also confirmed that players would be able to find “secret unlockable content” for The Awesome Adventures. Dontnod previously said that players would be able to piece together clues that will “give you [a] glimpse into Life Is Strange 2’s brand-new story.”

“The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is not Life Is Strange 2, but it does connect to it in multiple ways,” Dontnod said. “This is the first step into the diverse world of Life Is Strange beyond Arcadia Bay where you will find secrets and hints as to what to expect in Life Is Strange 2. In addition to this, choices and actions you make in Captain Spirit will carry over to Life Is Strange 2.”

Set in the same universe as Life Is Strange, Dontnod debuted The Awesome Adventures during Microsoft’s E3 press conference yesterday. Following on from its reveal, Dontnod shared new information on its free standalone experience in a behind-the-scenes look at The Awesome Adventures.

Players step into the shoes of ten-year-old Chris and his alter ego, Captain Spirit, setting off on an adventure on a “particular Saturday [when] something truly extraordinary will happen to him.”

Dontnod first revealed that Life Is Strange 2 was in the works last year. Not much is known about the sequel to Dontnod’s award-winning episodic adventure title, though it has been confirmed that it will feature a new location and characters.

The Awesome Adventures will launch on June 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.