E3 2018: Death Stranding Finally Gets Some Gameplay, But Remains Mysterious

Well, it only tooks a couple of years, but we finally got to see some gameplay of the ever-enigmatic Death Stranding, which you can view here. Of course, this being Hideo Kojima, he naturally decided to troll us and have the majority of said gameplay being of Norman Reedus walking around in a biohazard suit. But then things picked up near the end when, after peeling off his toenail, our protagonist met up with Lea Seydoux. Well, a character portrayed by her, anyway.

From that point on, we got some cinematics involving invisible monsters and weaponized babies before Reedus walked out into a large group of dissolved men hanged in the air, at which point the gameplay went into a stealth section which our main character sadly failed, sinking into a bit of black goo before meeting up with Lindsay Wagner. All of that may sound insane…and it is. But it is fascinating and intriguing, so here’s hoping we get more details – and a release window – soon.