E3 2018: Here’s A Closer Look at Ubisoft’s Foray into the Mind in Transference

If seeing Elijah Wood pop up under the title of Creative Director wasn’t odd enough, Ubisoft’s take on suspenseful VR — a joint effort with film studio Spectre Vision — in the form of Transference was certainly a weird deviation during the company’s last E3 showing. Now though, we got a closer look at just what exactly players can expect from this venture into the mind. Though it was still kept fairly vague as to the specifics with the gameplay aside from a few spooky and anxious moments within its mix of in-game and live-acted footage.

Transference, though initially marketed as a VR title — planning to release across Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation’s own VR platform, will also get its own non-VR version for PS4, Xbox One & PC. Transference is hoping to release sometime in Fall 2018 having previously targeted a Spring 2018 release. Check out its latest gameplay trailer, if you dare, below.