E3 2018: Ooblets Charms Again With a New Trailer

Gamers everywhere may eagerly be anticipating the next generation of Pokemon, which may or may not be revealed at Nintendo’s E3 presentation tomorrow, but there’s one important question to be answered first: Will these particular critters that you catch end of having a dance party? If the answer is no, then clearly Ooblets will end up being the super monster training game, as evidenced by its new trailer that you can check out here.

Debuting during the PC Gaming Show, the new clip shows groups of the titular creatures being led around, bursting out of vegetation, and yes, dancing, all becoming a part of your day to day life as you raise them. Still as charming as ever, Ooblets is due out from Double Fine and developers Glumberland for PC and XB1 sometime in the upcoming future, so make sure to keep an eye out for it as always.