E3 2018: Square Enix Silently Teases The Quiet Man

Well, let it not be said that Square Enix didn’t have any surprises for E3, as they unveiled what appeared to be a new IP in the form of The Quiet Man. But expect a lot of terms such as “what appeared to be” when describing it, because virtually nothing was unveiled about it. All we got was the reveal trailer below, when started off with live-action footage of an encounter with a gang in a large metropolitan city before transforming into some in-game footage of our lead character turning off their hearing aid and kicking some ass.

No mentions of genre, release date, or even developers…just that a release is planned for PS4 and PC and more will come on the game in August, presumably at Gamescom. Stay tuned for more details then, but for now, Square Enix is taking a cue from the game’s lead and staying mum about things.