E3 2018: Ubisoft Outlines Year One for The Division 2, Free Episodic DLC Confirmed

While Ubisoft didn’t exactly provide any new gameplay on stage during this year’s E3 showing, they did at least provide some insight into the company’s plans for releasing new content post-launch for the upcoming sequel to their third-person, open-world shooter, The Division. For Year One, The Division 2 will receive three separate episodic DLCs that aim to expand the world present in the base game. Best of all, these three DLC packs will be entirely free for all players.

But Ubisoft didn’t leave it simply to post-launch to divulge on what The Division 2 had to deviate from its original as the company elaborated on what players can expect once the game’s campaign was finished. Upon reaching Level 30, players will be able to access one of several specialisation that subsequently unlocks a unique weapon and skill depending on that character trait. New co-op activities and opportunities to earn higher-ranked items will also become available.

A story trailer was also released which shows off just how the recent smallpox outbreak — that similarly affected New York — has now turned Washington DC into a chaotic and unruly place. The Division 2 will launch across PS4, Xbox One & PC on March 15.