E3 2018: Lenovo’s Gaming Line Offers a Discreet Affordable Punch

Lenovo has quietly built a gaming-line of laptops and desktops for a more discrete audience. Promising sleek looks on the exterior but assuring the hardware will be savage is a key component for the success of Legion. Legion is the gaming-line for Lenovo as the company focuses on discreetness and portability. Speaking with Senior Manager of Legion, Teddy Lee at E3 2018, he walked us through some of their current laptops and desktops and also dived into the goal in mind for the product line.

The line of products that Legion offers creates a market for upcoming enthusiasts. Processors and RAM are top-of-the-line and overclocked across the board and RGB reigns supreme on most of the machines. However, when carrying the laptop or desktop around, it isn’t flashy. And that is Legion’s intentions. The idea to go in the gaming direction for Lenovo seemed smart according to Teddy Lee. “Right now, gaming is a high growth segment for Lenovo. It’s actually one of the few products that we can really engage with our customers to create more customer eccentric products. It gave an opportunity to create our own community with feedback and insights from our fans and customers. Legion is all about community and to help the product team drive towards more customer eccentric products.”

Teddy believes Legion’s competition is doing a fantastic job of driving the gaming community. When asked about making Legion stands out above the rest, he focuses on the portability. “Our product design for this year, we feel that our community and the customers we engaged in are not stereotypical hardcore gamers. Our approach is that our customers are avid gamers. They grew up on gaming as a passion, but have careers or are in school. They want one product that they can carry around. A lot of other gaming products are designed more aggressively. So to sort their lifestyle, our products are more minimalistic so they have a more utilitarian functionality to them. I think that’s one step where Legion separates itself.” All the desktop lines have a handle to easily carry the tower around, so they are a plus for LAN parties.

The Legion C730 is a small form factor PC that features portability and top hardware.

Both the Legion laptops and desktops use 8th-generation i7 processors. The Y530 and Y730 i7-8750H processors and feature 32 GB DDR4 RAM. Both also come with NVIDIA GTX 1050ti graphics cards and a FHD screen capable of 144hz refresh rate. While the Y530 offers a backlit keyboard and the choice of a 512GB SSD or 2TB HDD, the Y730 ups the ante. The Y730 features full RGB keyboard and lighting from within the unit and also comes with both means of storage. Dolby Atmos speakers are also built in to both.

The C730 desktop is a small form factor with a complete focus on portability. Teddy had mentioned that a big dynamic for this model is for LAN parties as the handle is built into the top. It includes an i7-8700k processor with 32GB DDR4 Corsair RAM that has been overclocked, a GTX 1060, and the choice of the SSD or HDD from above. It features a one-press tool-free upgrade system for upgrading parts, Dolby Atmos Audio, and a dual channel thermal system for efficient cooling. The larger T730, which includes the same handle, features the same hardware full RGB options and liquid cooling.

The Y730 offers a discreet exterior but a savage interior complete with RGB

While not yet getting into custom builds for customers, this is a very solid line. Every product in Legion’s line that was featured at E3 2018 are under $900. This is an excellent price point for people who see PC gaming as a past time in a busy lifestyle. Plenty of pre-built or custom built machines range from $1500-$2000, but you’re looking at higher graphics cards and over-the-top designs. Legion has the hardware to get it done with prices that are very hard to beat.