E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Goes For the Throat

One of the more unexpected announcements to come out of E3 2018 was the news and showing of Dying Light 2 coming sometime in 2019 to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. From the look of things Dying Light 2 seems to be improving upon everything the original had to offer and then some. This will be a completely stand-alone game having nothing to do with the first other than… well, zombies.

Out of everything Dying Light 2 showed the three main beats Techland wanted to get across to players is that the parkour is even better, the day/night cycle is still just as prominent and melee combat is feeling more fluid and intuitive than before. Not deviating from the themes of its predecessor, Dying Light 2 is giving itself the breath for a proper sequel that will allow experienced players to discover everything new about Dying Light 2, while, still being a fantastic introduction to the title for newcomers.

Moving away from the outbreak in the fictional city (and not) of Harran in Turkey, means departing from the story of protagonist Kyle Crane. Techland is looking to tell a completely different story in a different part of the world with new characters, this is in large part due to the fan base having massive outcry from the first Dying Light in only being able to play Kyle Crane or skin him as some sort of regular looking Goon. A big part of developing this all new world and story is bringing in Chris Avalon to help shape this new narrative. Players will have more freedom to create the character they want, telling the stories they want. The story goes much deeper than just trying to stop a zombie outbreak in one city. With Dying Light 2 there will be complex relationships unfolding all around the world and the player will need to take advantage of knowledge gained to change the course for better or worse of said relationships. From the sound and look of things the player will be much more involved with shaping the world, not just occupying a space within it.

This relationship aspect of the game falls in line with another major push for Dying Light 2; bringing choices and consequences to Dying Light 2. In our preview it was stated multiple times to understand the differences between the sandbox elements of the game versus the new choices and consequences system Dying Light 2 is introducing. This isn’t about finding all the rules and regulations that the game has laid out to accomplish something, but more understanding the impact of everyday choices we make that can shape relationships more than people would like to think. Dying Light 2 more than anything seems to want to have impact with the player, making them feel that every decision is important and then seeing the results of those decisions in real time. A community might not be the same the next time it’s visited due to the actions taken by the player the last time they were in the area. The world isn’t just dangerous because of zombies or the sun setting, it’s dangerous because of the player.

Anyone who played the first Dying Light knows that it could be played co-op bringing in a friend to help with whatever part of the story without interrupting their own play through (again too many Kyle’s.) In alleviating that blandness and lack of player count, Dying Light 2 will support four player co-op and the differences in character should make everyone feel good about not running around like some sort of quadruplet family that survived the zombie apocalypse.

Everything shown of Dying Light 2 thus far looks promising. Techland has done a superb job supporting Dying Light for the several years it has been out, so while Dying Light 2 was a surprise, it isn’t unexpected. Knowing that Techland has been nurturing their baby for years and keeping the community happy is a sure-fire way to have that sequel and now there is Dying Light 2. Again, there is no release date as of yet, just expect sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for all and any information on Dying Light 2.