Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 4 Recap

Teams were eliminated from playoffs, New York had another loss, and Shanghai once again was incredibly close to their first win of the season. Only one more week is left in the inaugural Overwatch League season, and the lasting effects of Brigitte has impacted who will stay and who will go in the first round off playoffs next week.

First up, we had the Boston Uprising and the Seoul Dynasty going head to head, with Boston coming out on top. Seoul had a strong showing on Hanamura in map three, but the match went 3-1 in the end. Then, in the event match of the season, it looked like Shanghai would almost certainly get their win against the Florida Mayhem. Map two and three both went to Shanghai, and it was looking to be a reverse sweep until Florida came in and took map four. An extremely intense map 5 was close, but ultimately went to Florida, solidifying their win. It was sad to see them get so close, but hearing the entire audience cheer for the Dragons was really great. Houston ended the evening winning 3-1 against the Dallas Fuel, who had been on a bit of a streak.

Thursday started out with a close match between the Los Angeles Valiant and the London Spitfire, but the Valiant were able to keep their perfect Stage 4 record with a 2-1 win. A surprising loss from the New York Excelsior was next, with the Los Angeles Gladiators being the ones to take them down. Both LA teams have been doing fantastic this Stage, and the close 3-2 win from the Gladiators showed how much they have improved lately. Thursday would conclude with a reverse sweep from the Philadelphia Fusion, who took the 2-1 win from the San Francisco Shock.

Shanghai’s hopes for a win were dashed again going up against the Boston Uprising, with Boston taking a 4-0 victory. The Dallas Fuel pulled off another 4-0 sweep against the Florida Mayhem right after, and another reverse sweep from the Philadelphia Fusion brought Friday to an end. Philly’s victory against the Seoul Dynasty went 3-2.

London went up against both LA teams this week, and held their own against both, but were unable to take either win. On Saturday, they took on the Gladiators and lost 3-2. San Francisco then did the same against the New York Excelsior. They fought hard, and got the draw in map 2, got a win in map 3, but lost it in map 4, making the final score 2-1. The undefeated LA Valiant ended the week taking on the Houston Outlaws and taking the 4-0 win.

Week five will bring the final Stage playoffs, which will solidify rankings going into the real playoffs. It’s heating up, so be sure to keep up on the Overwatch League Twitch channel. Week five starts on Wednesday, June 11 at 7 pm.