The Last of Us Sales Surpass Seventeen Million Worldwide

The Last of Us has sold over seventeen million copies worldwide, Naughty Dog today revealed.

The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End developer announced the news on the fifth anniversary of its critically acclaimed title’s release.

“Over seventeen million of you have taken this journey with us and your love, support and fandom for these characters and their story has been incredible,” Naughty Dog tweeted. “We can’t wait to continue it with [The Last of Us] Part II.”

Naughty Dog first released The Last of Us as an exclusive for PlayStation 3 in 2013. Only a year later, The Last of Us received its main story-based DLC, Left Behind, and The Last of Us Remastered debuted on PlayStation 4.

Its sequel, The Last of Us Part II, was announced at PlayStation Experience in 2016. Earlier this week at Sony’s E3 media briefing, Naughty Dog showed off Part II in action.

In 2017, Naughty Dog revealed that it was working on motion capture for Part II. Meanwhile, The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann confirmed that man’s best friend would have a role to play in the highly anticipated sequel.

Hardcore Gamer reviewed The Last of Us and found that “It feels like an important evolutionary step in presentation and tone, presenting a believable narrative populated with realistic characters, structured in a way that remains captivating until the last word is spoken.”

When we revisited The Last of Us in the Remastered, our review called it “one of the best console ports in recent history, as it manages to fully capture the spirit of the original while improving upon it in nearly every way.”

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