Screenshot Saturday Featuring Ghost Song, PUSS!, Speed Brawl, Many More

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Screenshot Saturday, where we gather up the best screenshots, clips, WIPs and more that have been shared over Twitter recently with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag! Now, if you’ll recall from last time before our slight hiatus, our regular contributor James Cunningham sadly had to step down due to personal reasons, so as someone who has already filled in for James on a few occasions over this past year (and who has a vast love of indie games as well), I’ve stepped in to try and fill his rather large shoes for the time being. Hopefully I can do just as good of a job as James did, and any comments and suggestions on my approach during this transition are naturally welcome.

But let’s get to the actual stars of this feature: The games. Now, the other reason we decided to take a hiatus last week is because with E3 about to kick off, whatever games we decided to show then may be overshadowed. But we couldn’t just leave them behind. Oh no. And since we kind of wanted this to be sort of a big mini-comeback as well, that means a super-sized edition of Screenshot Saturday, spanning over two dozens games from the past two weekends (which is also why this edition is lightly late, my apologies)! So let’s get on with the show already!!

Dark Devotion- A roguelike platformer with strong RPG influences about investigating a mysterious temple with supernatural forces. The combat shown so far has been especially nice and fluid, and may be tricky to try and master, so best get started with the advice above (although that oddly seems more like a dodge roll than blocking).

The Misfits- Neither the real-life punk band nor the fictional cartoon band, but rather a stylized third-person arena shooter with some particularly gorgeous backdrops for carnage, as seen here. An Indiegogo campaign for the game began just under a week ago, so feel free to chip in if you like what you see.

UnderMine- A retro top-down action=adventure game where you actually play as the peasant miners of the kingdom, attempting to uncover powerful goods in the titular mine. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no shortcuts to getting those treasure, nor is there a Golden Axe-style way to beat up the creatures that nab your goods.

Wildfire- You wouldn’t think pyromancy and stealth gameplay go hand in hand, but that’s what Wildfire is trying to accomplish in several ways. Of course, you won’t always remain silent, and when you do make a notable noise, as seen here, don’t expect just the two nearby guards to pick up on it.

The World Next Door- A narrative-drive action-adventure game with puzzle-based combat about a teen girl finding themselves suddenly whisked away to a different world filled with magical creatures. It does appear to be a pretty good-looking world, though, so make sure to compliment the devilish residents on it.

Yumori Forest- Not much is known about the premise for this one right now, but one can hardly argue if the final product is going to have combat as smooth and fast-paced as this. Apparently the game is basically complete by now, so keep an eye out for it soon if you want a chance to take down those floating bastards.

PUSS!- Basically a combination of vaporwave, cats, and that carnival game where you try to move a metal rod around an area without touching the sides and getting shocked. That alone would be enough to recommend this game, but seeing the game’s evolution from humble beginnings into something so gleefully twisted is the cherry on top.

Yuppie Psycho- Survival horror meets office life in a game where getting a high-paying dream job means being tasked with hunting down a mysterious witch that haunts your building, leading to such sights as the above. The sad part is that it’s still only slightly more horrifying than several other menial jobs for corporations.

Devader- A twin-stick arcade shooter with gameplay inspired by the classics of the ’90s. And per the era, expect massive bosses like this one, combining frantic bullet hell with dozens of shadowy, groping hands for a bit of a terrifying image.

Death Trash- A post-apocalyptic action RPG filled with cosmic horrors and some rather impressive pixel art that makes even the deaths seem as visually stunning as possible. That said, I will say I would have gone the opposite route and used snarky, pun-laden Sierra-style game over messages upon each death. It’s just slightly more fun that way.

Speed Brawl- Set in a dystopian version of Victorian England, Speed Brawl describes itself describes itself as a 2D combat racer, so you can easily expect an emphasis on speed. In fact, while you blinked, Johnson there already scores another five hits and moved on, all while looking amazing with that stunning art style.

Blazing Chrome- Old-school run-and-gun 16-bit action in the vein of classic like Contra, where you blast away hordes of evil robots. And for such a game, you naturally need to have impressive boss battles, as seen here. Although the important part is nailing the evil laugh animation in the beginning, because that sells the whole package.

Baba is You- A top-down puzzler where you can rewrite the rules by moving around objects and commands. It’s unknown if any levels in the finished product will let you make enough alteration to turn it into a different genre, as seen above, but that’s still one damn impressive display of the game’s potential.

Furwind- Yes, this would actually be the second old-school ode to 16-bit platforming starring a fox that we’ve seen this year, after Fox n Forests. No, we are not sure how something this specific happened. But regardless, Furwind sure does look quite amazing as well, and as seen here, it clearly nails the challenge levels of the older classics.

Atone- A sort of adventure/puzzle/rhythm game hybrid inspired by Norse mythology that’s already being heavily lauded for several reasons, including its visual style. It kind of says a lot that even its early respawn animations look impressive alongside everything else.

The Siege and the Sandfox- Another metroidvania stealth game, this time with more of an Arabian Nights vibe and hi-bit graphics, starring an assassin out to clear their name…which makes you wonder just how they’re going to tackle the issue of this guard before his eyes open. A quick escape, a distraction, or something deadlier?

Headsnatchers – TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN. Sure, some may argue there was also that Aqua Teen Hunger Force golf game, but we all know that this will be the TRUE video game french fry messiah.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin- Unsurprisingly, a beat-’em-up that models itself after ’70s kung fu films is going to need some impressive martial moves that players can pull off. So cue the butterfly kick, which actually appears to have a nice amount of force behind it if it can send wood flying like that.

Hazelnut Bastille- Yes, this is more of a full gameplay clip than it is a mere screenshot or GIF, but a lush Zelda/Secret of Mana ode like this clearly earned the right to show off a bit more of itself. And as mentined there, the new demo should be arriving soon, so make sure not to miss out on it.

Lucah- When you’re warned that “it’s not going to be okay” when it comes to a journey about finding yourself, then yeah, you can probably expect a few nightmarish visions like these along the way. Although as a positive, they only add to the terrifically surreal and creepy feeling of this action-adventure game.

Aichi Emperors Zero- A hi-octane beat-’em-up on motorcycles in a battle to reclaim a Japanese city from some punks. It looks quite impressive, and befitting for a premise straight out of an action film, rampant property destruction is expected. So let’s see about some fruit stands now…

Eagle Island- Again, we receive some rather sound advice, this time concerning what to do when certain obstacles get in your way. Sure, you lose a bit of money, but you get to see the joy of falconry-based platforming in action as your partner dives in for the kill, and who doesn’t want that?

Ghost Song- Explore a vast, mysterious moon in a rather impressive-looking sci-fi metroidvania game with tons to uncover. But even a game such as this needs a bit of levity now and then, so cue the mutants with expanding fists. Sure, they deal a ton of damage to you, but it’s still a cool visual, so win-win.

Fluffy Horde- A strategy game where you save various cities from infinitely multiplying swarms of bunnies. Not much else to say here except that I wholly approve of the use of giant catapults and dance music.

Atlas: Groundbreaking Adventures- One of the selling point of this roguelike adventure is the ability to warp the procedurally generated lands to your whim and create new paths and attacks, but another one is its vibrant voxel style. So trying to also make that into something dark and mysterious may be a bit tricky, but it seems the developers may have nailed it.

Helvetii- Because one can never have too many Vanillaware-style 2D side-scrolling action games, especially when they sport nicely detailed environments and a ton of impressive combat, as seen in these bits alone.

Genetic Disaster- While this is advice that rings true for any co-op game, it especially applies quite well to twin-stick shooter where you’re attempting to escape from a mad scientist’s lair and thus may be dealing with volatile chemicals along the way. So just a heads up.

Orion: Shadow of Jeroba- Finally, let’s just end on an entire trailer for a gorgeous-looking top-down roguelike action game that, with enough TLC, could be the next Hyper Light Drifter (because we know some of you were immediately making that comparison anyway). Amazing stuff so far, and like everything else sown today, here’s hoping it succeeds!