Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 5 Recap

That’s it! The inaugural season of the Overwatch League is over and the Season playoffs are on the way. But before we get there, we have to finish the standings.

It all started with the LA Gladiators taking on the Shanghai Dragons. The Dragons had some good plays, but the Gladiators are on a roll and ended up taking the series 4-0. Next up was the undefeated (for now) LA Valiant, who took down the San Francisco Shock 3-1. Another 3-1 was to follow, with the Seoul Dynasty taking a surprising win over the juggernaut that has been the Dallas Fuel. The Mickie Brigitte comp has been working well for the Fuel, but Seoul was good at focusing on Mickie and keeping things moving.

Thursday began with a great match between the Houston Outlaws and the Philadelphia Fusion, which historically has always gone to map five and always ended in Philadelphia’s favor, but this one went to Houston and didn’t even go to map five. It went 3-1 with only the first round going to Philly. Florida went up against London next, with London able to take the series 4-0. But then, in probably the most surprising matchup of the Stage, Boston took the win over the New York Excelsior. The Uprising have seriously been struggling with the new meta and the addition of Brigitte, but after a round one victory from New York, Boston was able to pull a reverse sweep.

New York was able to redeem themselves, however, when they went up against the Houston Outlaws less than 24 hours later. It was close, so close that it went every other for the first four rounds, but New York solidified their win in map five. The LA Gladiators was able to secure their #1 spot for the Stage when they took down the Seoul Dynasty on Friday 3-1. Dallas was also able to redeem themselves after their loss against the Dynasty when they gave the LA Valiant their first and only loss of the Stage with a score of 3-1.

It was a week full of redemption which continued on Saturday when the Philadelphia Fusion won against the London Spitfire. It was a 3-0 sweep, with London able to take the round four game, leaving it at 3-1. Shanghai’s final game of the Season was against the San Francisco Shock, with the game going 4-0 in favor of the Shock. The Shanghai Dragons were unable to get a single win in the first-ever Season of the Overwatch League, which is sad, but hopefully means season two can go a lot better for them. Saturday ended with Boston taking the 4-0 against the Florida Mayhem.

Being the final week of the Stage, the playoffs were to be on Sunday. It all started with the battle for LA, with the Valiant and the Gladiators going at it. Every round was close, but in the end, it went to the Valiant, bringing them to the final game. The #3 and #4 qualifying match with between the Dallas Fuel and the New York Excelsior, which was also close, but ultimately had New York coming out on top. So it was the New York Excelsior and the LA Valiant in the finals, and in a great game, the LA Valiant took the title. It’s great that each Stage went to a different team, and it bodes well for a great future for the Overwatch League.

Now it’s time for the real playoffs and eventually the grand finals. The teams that have made the cut include the first six ranked in the overall standings right now. Here they are:

1. New York Excelsior
2. LA Valiant
3. Boston Uprising
4. LA Gladiators
5. London Spitfire
6. Philadelphia Fusion

The Postseason Playoffs begin on June 20.