Escape From Monkey Island Now Available Exclusively on GOG

The Monkey Island series is a legendary point and click adventure franchise, and there has been one entry missing for quite some time. The Escape From Monkey Island came out in 2000 and even got a console release on the PlayStation 2. Today, thanks to Disney, the game is back and you can buy it DRM-free exclusively on – and those who buy the entire series can get it for 25%.  Buying all four games will set you back $16.50, while buying each individual game gets you a variety of discounts. The Curse of Monkey Island is $3.93, while The Secret of Monkey Island is $2.54, Monkey Island 2 is $2.54, and Escape from Monkey Island is $7.49 with this group discount – but individual game sales will end on June 25. Anyone who enjoys a good point and click adventure or just enjoys heavily-comedic adventures will love this series.