Life is Strange Midweek Madness Sale Hits Steam

The Life is Strange series has changed the way episodic stories are told within gaming. With its branching paths and variety of different overall narratives, both the original game and its Before the Storm prequel have allowed players to explore the world of Arcadia Bay. This Steam midweek madness sale allows you to enjoy every adventure in the LiS universe so far, with the first game’s complete season of five episodes going down to a mere $4.99 – on par with its Steam seasonal sale low prices. With Before the Storm being newer, it hasn’t seen a massive discount until now, but you can enjoy the basic BtS game for $8.49 or pick up the Deluxe Edition and get the bonus Farewell episode alongside a mixtape mode and new outfits for Chloe.

Life is Strange is an incredible series, and playing it either in release order or in chronilogical order by playing BtS first works well too. Anyone who enjoys this kind of game should also check out Marie’s Room – a free to play game heavily-inpsired by LiS. The folks at DONTNOD will be back on June 26 with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spriit, which will be completely free and is set in the Life is Strange universe.