Details on Rocket League’s Rocket Pass Revealed

The creators of Rocket League, Psyonix, announced back in May that they would be introducing a new premium pass that would allow players to access new customization items, XP boosts and more. Today in a blog post, they detailed what the Rocket Pass is and what it will offer when it comes to fruition sometime later this summer.

The Rocket Pass will come in two forms. There will be a free version, which will unlock new Items, Player Banners, Titles and even Decryptors that you’ll be able to earn. Then there will be a premium pass that will cost $9.99 USD and will allow you to earn even more items, as well as Car Bodies, Keys, and exclusive Player Banners and Titles. The Premium Rocket Pass will also unlock XP Boosts that will give you a bump in XP as you play. The extra XP will help you earn the XP Awards much faster.

Psyonix is good about being transparent about their micro-transactions and they are sticking to that mantra with Rocket Pass. When you go to sign up for the Premium Rocket Pass, you’ll be able to see every piece of content that will be earnable with (and exclusive to) the Pass before you make the purchase. You can also make the upgrade to premium at any time during the season and will get any Premium rewards that you’ve earned already through the Pass Tier system.

The Pass Tiers work a lot like Fortnite’s where as you play, you tier up and earn rewards. Just like Fortnite, you’ll also be able to buy Tiers outright using Keys. There will also be a Tier hierarchy, where once you’ve completed all of the Premium Tiers, there will also be Pro tiers, which will dish out random Painted/Certified versions of the items from the Premium Tiers. Pro Tiers won’t give you duplicate rewards, either.

Details on the number of Tiers and what items will be available have yet to be finalized, so be sure to check back with Hardcore Gamer as we learn more.