Fire Pro Wrestling is Coming to CEO 2018 with Kenny Omega

Fire Pro Wrestling World began as a surprise revival of one of the most-beloved wrestling game franchises of all-time, and evolved from there. From its early access launch to new content being added over time, and then finally the unveiling of the New Japan Pro Wrestling license being added in later as DLC, it’s become the definitive entry in the series. Long-time gaming fan Kenny Omega, the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, will be coming to CEO 2018 and he will be bringing not only his gaming prowess – but also, Fire Pro Wrestling World.

CEO is Florida’s top gaming competition and will be running from June 29 through July 1. You can visit the booth and play against not only the game’s directer Tomoyuki Matsumoto, but on June 30 at 2PM, you can play against the Golden Lovers. Not only will Kenny Omega be there, but Kota Ibushi will be as well. This will allow you to enjoy the game against both the Best Bout machine and the Golden Star and perhaps even beat them if you so desire. The New Japan DLC will allow you to get an NJPW-themed story mode as well as a healthy array of NJPW wrestlers when the finalized version of the game hits shelves on PS4 on August 28 alongside the release of the DLC for the PC version.