Screenshot Saturday Featuring Afterparty, A Fold Apart, Many More

Well, it’s time once again for Screenshot Saturday, where both aspiring and experienced members of the game industry can use a simple hashtag to hopefully serve as a building block for a future classic in the making, showcasing their WIPs in various ways. And while it seemed difficult at first to top our supersized post-E3 edition last week, a fresh batch of impressive highlights quickly surfaced in order to hopefully create a successful post-post-E3 edition, so let’s jump right into things!

Afterparty- Look, I cannot stress how much I am looking forward to a new adventure game from the folks behind Oxenfree where the goal is to beat Satan in a drinking contest in order to escape Hell, and I will likely jump at any chance to share more of it. Case in point, here’s a lovely little behind-the-scenes shot showcasing just how much planning can go into something as simple as an opening scene with a killer dorm party.

Chicken Assassin: Reloaded- The title there alone suggests nothing but pure win. The fact that it looks like an intense, fun, and gleefully insane update to/port of a fun action-RPG game only backs up that win. And the fact that you can dress our poultry hero up in a cheap shark costume, among other things, is the cherry on top.

Beat the Clock- Not the game show, mind you, but rather a unique hybrid of runner, roguelike, and role-playing game – RRR – about a series of heroes traveling through time in order to make the changes needed to prevent the end of the world, presented through minimalist designs with fluid animation like this. Intriguing stuff, to say the least.

Planetary Dustoff- A classic top-down roguelike twin-stick shooter about exploring alien planets. And since these planets have to serve as stages for some rather epic gunplay and showdowns, it’s nice to see that extra care is definitely being applied to make them as impressive as possible.

Nom Nom Apocalypse- Speaking of impressive roguelike twin-stick shooters, how about one that mixes the likes of Enter the Gungeon with the likes of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? That combo results in the welcome quirkiness seen here, where it appears that my breakfast sandwich from this morning has mutated and wants revenge. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy…

Little Bug- When on a platforming journey through a mysterious and surreal land in order to find your way home, you’re bound to encounter more than a few oddities along the way. For example, do the creatures here actually still play with Tiger LCD games? Those poor souls…

Eden Rising: Supremacy- Currently available in Early Access, what we have here is an open-world multiplayer tower defense game with a rather impressive sci-fi world full of cool-looking designs and amazing graphics. Unsurprisingly, that makes it a natural for Screenshot Saturday, thanks to action-packed shots like these.

A Fold Apart- A puzzle game about long distance relationships where you fold the paper scenery around you in various ways in order to create a path to your love. It definitely shows potential, and is currently seeking funding through Fig, so head over to their campaign page if you’re interested in more of it (and feel free to chip in, of course).

Untitled Animal Game- I tend to hesitate when it comes to highlighting untitled games in the earliest development phases, but then again, I may never get another chance to share an image of a shop full of naked men being swept away by a tsunami of ramen broth that was summoned by a pro wrestling move. So you’re welcome.

Kingdoms of the Dump- “What if trash had feelings?” is a question not likely to be answered by a future Pixar movie (well, not yet, anyway…). However, it is one to be answered by a talented team crafting an ode to the likes of Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, so keep an eye out for this one.

Growbot- Because this shot was just too adorable to resist. It does look like an impressive adventure game as well, but come on, you try saying no to a giant fluffy creature with a giant tummy made of starry skies.

Brimstone Brawlers- Another case where a full trailer made it into this feature, because one has to admire a one-man development team that can churn out a Gothic brawler with a cartoonish twist that looks as good as this. It does indeed deserve a signal boost.

Black Future ’88- And since we’ve broken tradition already by posting a whole trailer, why not post a whole music track as well? And don’t worry about the Terminator 2 influence, an homage to a classic sci-fi action film suits a crazed, fast-paced, synth-punk 2D action game such as this one.

Atomicrops- Farming in a nuclear wasteland certain has its share of challenges. For example, as you can see here, you’re less likely to find a town full of beautiful young people to get married to, and more likely to find sentient tree trunks that are clearly already engaged to thee birds nested inside of them, thus driving you to open fire on them in jealousy. It’s a common issue.

The Forest Quartet- Described as “an abstract musical puzzle game,” you play as a singer trying to get their band back together in order to clear the misery out of a once-beautiful forest. Sometimes you come across rather elaborate sights, sometimes something more simple as seen here, but it looks like a surreal delight either way.


John Wick: The Arcade Game- No, this isn’t a real game in the making at the moment, rather an art piece that found its way into the Twitter feed along with the others using the hashtag. But I DARE you to tell me that you wouldn’t kill for this game. I mean, if we can have retro tie-ins to modern action films like The Mummy Demastered – which wasn’t even a film anyone liked, yet somehow made for a damn good game – why not get on this ASAP? Will anyone jump at the call? WayForward? Capcom? Devolver, you can get in touch with the Mother Russia Bleeds guys again, you know you want this…