The Shanghai Dragons are Getting Prepared for Season 2

After a more than disappointing season in the Overwatch League, the Shanghai Dragons are getting ready for Season 2.

The Dragons completed the defeated season losing all forty matches they played. Even though they were qualifiably and quantifiably¬†the worst team in the OWL they had mountains of supports from fans to get a win. Because of that, and just basic pride, the Dragons feel the need to make changes and get better so they can show they’re appreciation¬†to the fans.

To that end, they’ve tweeted what they’re game plan is for the time being. First, everyone has gone home to rest after a long season. Secondly, they’ll all meet up in Shanghai, presumably to just get together as a team and possibly practice. Third, management will review their performance and that’s likely when we could hear of some roster shakeups whether it’s players or staff. Lastly, the team will officially start preparing for Season 2. You can see the tweet below.