The Cats Shall Inherit the Earth in Peace Island Kickstarter

All the people are gone, which might be a serious problem for dogs but merely a point of interest for the average cat.  One day Elizabeth was put in a carrier, and after a few calming words and some treats she took a nap.  When she woke up, however, the cage was open and everything was silent.  Not the quiet of a peaceful day, but rather the stillness of a world where the machinery that made life comfortable for the food-providing behemoths had stopped its endless drone.  Poking her head out into her newly-tranquil home, Elizabeth finds the front door open and an island’s worth of scenery waiting to be explored.  Everything is different now, but maybe the results of a little exploration will mean it doesn’t have to be.

Peace Island is an open-world adventure that just launched on Kickstarter this week, featuring a cast of nine cats in a world where all the humans have vanished.  Starting off with just Elizabeth, it doesn’t take long to find another cat inhabitant, and as the story moves on you’ll eventually find the full cast and can switch perspective from one to the other both for the fun of it and story-based reasons.  Along the way, though, you can explore buildings, interact with the wildlife, hunt, stare at walls, and engage in other cat-related activities.  While Peace Island is fictional, it’s very closely modeled on the lovely Peak’s Island off the coast of Portland Maine, including the ferry terminal, abandoned WW2 battery (which is incredibly fun to explore in real life) and watch towers, and other points of interest.  For what are undoubtedly logical plot-related reasons the solution to the mystery of the lost people is found on Peace Island, and the cats eventually get to make the choice as to whether their world is better of with or without them.  It’s a fresh new world out there, on a now-lonely island off the coast of what used to be Maine when there were people to call it that, but maybe if we were good enough the cats will decide to let us back in.

Peace Island is currently running on Kickstarter and could use a little help getting past its current standing at 7% of the $25,000 goal.  Head on over and take a look.