Bungie Details Next Few Weeks in Destiny 2, Announces Development Roadmap Update

Now that E3 has past and many an interested eyebrow has been raised in response to Forsaken, Bungie has turned its attention towards what’s going to be happening in Destiny 2 in July. For starters, Bungie intends to restore direct purchase for faction and Iron Banner armor in Update 1.2.3. As for events and other in-game happenings, the developer released the following handy-dandy image:

Destiny 2 July 2018 Calendar

For those who don’t know, GuardianCon is a convention held every year in Tampa, Florida and is not directly related to Destiny.

Beyond this, Bungie announced that an update for the development roadmap will be coming early next month, and they provided an early preview of some changes coming to the Crucible.

Crucible Playlist Update

For Quick Play

  • Matches will be 6v6 instead of 4v4.
  • Supremacy will be removed from pool of game modes

For Control

  • Win score increased to 150
  • All control zones will start as neutral

For Clash

  • Win score updated to 100

For Competitive

  • The bomb timer in Countdown will be reduced from forty seconds to 35 seconds

General Changes

  • Rumble will become a permanent playlist
  • Supremacy will become part of the weekly featured playlist, updated to 6v6, and have a win score of 150

Crucible Ranks – players can earn Valor rank from the following additional playlists:

  • Competitive
  • Crucible Labs
  • Iron Banner
  • Trials of The Nine

Changes have also been made in regard to Valor ranks and win streak. First off, joining a game in progress will protect a player’s Valor Win Streak for that game. No penalties are incurred if a player loses, and their Valor Win Streak increases with every win. Matchmaking will be made according to their Glory rank, the idea being that players will be matched against opponents of similar rank. As one’s rank increases, so should the skill level of their opponents. As for glory loss streaks, they’re being adjusted to be less punishing over time. This means fewer rank points will be lost for each consecutive loss, and loss streaks will still cap at five. Finally, both loss and win streaks will no longer reset once they hit their cap.

Further details regarding prestige raids coming in Update 1.2.3 and some of the changes coming in Forsaken were also provided. See all that and more right here.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 4.