E3 2018: ROCCAT Shows Off Flashy New Mechanical Keyboard

RGB is all the buzz in PC gaming as creating your own experience and atmosphere helps define each player. ROCCAT, a German peripheral company, is the original company to experiment with RGB. The company has a large line of RGB keyboard, mice and headsets that continue to grow. At E3 2018, the company showed off the Vulcan, its keyboard that features inhouse-developed Titan Switches. This new flagship has a sophisticated and modern look with an aggressive design.

The Titan Switches will most relate to cherry MX brown switches. The Vulcan mechanical gaming keyboard features brushed aluminum. The Titan Switches were developed from the ground up for gamers. The housing sits lit underneath the thin keycaps for a much different design that is as comfortable as it is tactile. These keys are optimized to resist dust. The wrist rest is also magnetic and provides comfort.

“We wanted to create a balance switch that fast and price that gives you a great typing experience and provides a competitive edge,” said Tuan Mai, Marketing Manager for ROCCAT. Mechanical keyboards will have a slight delay built into the firmware to account for switch bouncing. ROCCAT has reduced that by updating the components inside the switch to produce a more stable hit.

There are there models of the Vulcan available: 120, 100 and 80. The 120 comes complete with the RGB and magnetic wrist rest, the 100 lacks the wrist rest and the 80 is only single color illumination. The AIMO lighting engine is what powers the RGB of the keyboards and is customizable on a per-key basis in 16.8M vivid colors. The Vulcan also includes a wheel in the upper right that can be mapped to adjust the RGB.

When looking at Roccat’s line-up as a whole, the design really sticks out. We asked Mai about the concept behind these design. “We’ve always prided ourselves a lot on being industry leaders as far as finding relevant features that A. Are going to help improve your gaming experience and B. Help your overall experience. Being able to adjust your DPI on-the-fly is an example. As a German-based company, we’ve always prided ourselves on our engineering and designing. We tend to take a little more time in turning out our products and that’s why a lot of them will have interesting features and our team gets excited about turning out prototypes.”

The ROCCAT Vulcan 120 will be a Best Buy exclusive in the USA. The 100 and 80 can be found on online retail sites. Our experience with the keyboard at E3 2018 was very nice. The keyboard sticks out and is lightweight. The design also allows for easy cleaning due to the spacing between each key. The keyboard is wired, as well. Check out the trailer below and be on the lookout for the ROCCAT Vulcan.