Nidhogg 2 Comes to Xbox One on July 19 With Exclusive Levels

While Nidhogg 2’s more cartoonish art style may have been an initial turn-off for some, there was no denying that its insane one-on-one combat was still superb, as our review can attest to. But no longer will giant worm-pleasing duels be limited to merely the PC and PS4, as it was announced that the game is now set to hit the Xbox One next month. And to make this port extra special, the XB1 version will be bringing two brand-new levels along with it.

The new levels can be glimpsed in the brand-new trailer below, where you get to see bits of Messhof Corporate Headquarters and the Elevated Train. So you can either spill the blood of your enemies over a mess of cubicles, or just do it on the commute to the office. Either way, XB1 players are sure to get an extra little blast of joy when Nidhogg 2 comes to the console in just a few weeks on July 19.