Bionik Showcases their Upcoming Products Coming this Holiday Season

Bionik has quite a few new goodies coming scheduled to come out this holiday season. These vary from travel cases to controller, along with one cool accessory for the Switch for anyone that spends a lot of time on the road and in hotel rooms. While the scheduled release date of Holiday 2018 means it will be a while before you can acquire any of these items, it’s never too early to check out items that may fit into your wish list.

First off is the Commuter Bag for the Switch. This is available in black and camo design, making it perfect for fans of Nintendo’s wonderful console but want to go for a more professional and less childish appearance. The Commuter Bag features an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, heavy padded areas to provide extra screen protection, water resistant YKK zippers, plush interior for secure, scratch free storage, a unique flap loop to allow this to connect to other bags and an additional large zippered compartment that provides mesh storage, eight individual cartridge slots and a built in cable wrap. The flap loop was a personal favorite among the features, since this allowed me to strap this to my messenger bag strap, turning it into a super tactical bag instead of having a zillion loose bags hanging off of me going ever which way. The Commuter Bag will cost $34.99. There is also the Commuter Battery Bag, which costs $69.99 but also includes a rechargeable 8,000 mAh back up battery and Type C and USB A outputs.

Next we have the Power Stand Switch, which features a tri-port design a Nintedo Pro wireless controller and a complete set of Joy-Cons. The compact design makes it convenient for travel and its back lit design with black out lens make it sleek and stylish. This item sounds like an easy way to keep all controlling options powered up and will retail for $24.99.

The TV Lynx for Switch is the product I think is the coolest, but I also spend a lot of time crammed into those sardine cans for people known as airplanes and sleep in a lot of hotels. In a nutshell, this allows the user to play their Switch in console mode on a TV without having to use the docking station. This eight foot high quality braided cable features a captive cable management system and an HDMI connection capable of 1080p resolution and Type C A/C power adapter. The dynamic A/C adapter supports multiple voltages, 5v, 9v, 12v, 15v and 20v and can be used with other type C devices. Price is to be determined.

The Power Shield for Switch is a way to keep your Switch powered up and protected. This clam shell case is built of tough material to protect the Switch and includes a built in 5,000 mAh battery. The Power Shield features a dedicated dock to charging the Switch and can also use a (not included) USB Type C cable. This features a unique stand functionality, incorporated ergonomic grips and LED indicators. The price for this set of power armor will be $59.99.

The Falcon is Bionik jumping into the arena of programmable back paddle controllers. The Falcon mimics the Microsoft style and has an effective range of up to thirty feet. The included dongle provides dual band support (RF and BT) and supports Android and Windows PC platforms. A USB A dongle and Type C adapter are included to support a broader range of devices as this is compatible with numerous mobile devices, tablets and Android HD set top boxes. The Falcon will retail for $49.99.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will each be getting a Power Stand to keep those controllers ready to go at all times, providing optimal charging at the quickest possible pace. These power stands will charge two controllers at once and are made with a compact design to minimize the footprint. Back lit charge indicators and sleek black out lens and underglow will let users know the charging status and look stylish in the process. The Xbox will also include two 1000 mAh rechargeable batteries, making the retail prices $24.99 for the PlayStation 4 Power Stand and $29.99 for the Xbox One Power Stand.