Dream Reality, Rebellion Introduce Unique VR Game Arca’s Path

Virtual reality games are generally about immersion, but every once in a while they’re about taking the player away. Letting the player experience an ambiance to help create a certain emotion is the focus here. Dream Reality Interactive is releasing a new VR game called Arca’s Path. Published by Rebellion, the team behind the Sniper Elite franchise, we were able to experience the game. Arca’s Path will be available across all VR platforms including PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Steam VR.

The premise of the story in Arca’s Path involves a little girl who is homeless living in a literal trash yard. She finds a mask that allows her to step out of her element to feel better about her life. The game features visuals from a BAFTA breakthrough artist and audio comes from the music label Ninja Tune. The soundtrack revolves around electronic music with some synthwave thrown in. The focus is to keep the game simple as you take in Arca’s journey.

The most important part of Arca’s Path is the fact that the game does not play with a controller. It is a puzzle game that requires guiding a ball down a path while keeping the ball on the platforms. The game uses head tracking to judge where the ball goes and how fast it goes. Players will need to control the speed as the game is purely based on momentum. There will be some puzzles along the way as this game will certainly help build one’s focus.

All of this is done in a beautiful and colorful world that encompasses you with the soundtrack. Arca’s Path is laid back and intended to be relaxing, but at the same time challenging. This isn’t enough to overexert one’s self and pull away from the relaxing atmosphere. It’s just enough to keep things interesting. It blends soft colors to create its dream-like atmosphere all while using a combination of lush vegetation, crystal and sometimes dark areas to help complete this experience.

Dream Reality Interactive has worked on PlayStation VR Worlds, while Rebellion has released Battlezone. The team from Dream Reality was formed from former employees with Sony London Studios including Dave Ranyard. This isn’t a traditional VR game in that sort of realm, but both companies have experience with successful VR games. There’s no release date yet, but you can watch the teaser trailer below.