Headsnatchers Prepares For a Show In Its Early Access Trailer

As we’ve discussed before, Iceberg Interactive and developers IguanaBee have a potential hit party game on their hands with Headsnatchers, thanks to its simple yet pleasing and addictive gameplay, along with its colorful style inspired by Japanese toys. But while the full party won’t be in full swing until later, the game is set to hit Early Access this July, as you check out below in the game’s brand new trailer.

Actually, “party” may be slightly misleading, since aside from outlines detailing the features and head-ripping gameplay, the clip reveals that the competition takes the form of a Japanese game show, appropriately enough. We also get a quick look at the game’s single-player Zombie Castle mode, for those that require the occasional solo challenge. Headsnatchers enters Early Access on July 10, and we’ll see if more fun develops from there.