Myst III and IV Complete the Myst Saga on GOG

The Myst series was a massive deal in the mid-’90s as it changed the look and feel of adventure games.  Today, Myst III and Myst IV join the existing Myst games available on GOG. These entries in the long-running series haven’t been release since their first release in 2001 and 2004 respectively, and get their first DRM-free release now. Myst III and IV are available for $14.99 apiece now, and the original can be yours for $2.09. If you want to jump whole-hog into the franchise, you can get a bundle that brings all of the games from $49.95 down to $20.15 – offering massive discounts on everything, including the Masterpiece Edition of Myst. That is definitely the best and least-expensive way to enjoy the franchise, and it can all be done on modern-day Windows 10 platforms now – with Mac support coming soon.