Learn How to Play Pool Panic With a New Gameplay Trailer

Adult Swim Games hopes to keep you active the Summer with some notable games, one of which is the nicely twisted game of living billiards from developers Rekim that is Pool Panic. The game is set for release in just a few weeks, but should you need a quick primer on how to play, then the new trailer seen below should have you covered. Then again, this is Adult Swim we’re talking about, so don’t expect a normal explanation.

As the video shows, you play as a cue ball roaming around a world of other sentient billiard balls, and you have to maneuver yourself into the right position and then sink them through the simple method of aiming and shooting. The catch comes when you have to find yourself fleeing from zombie balls, shrinking down to mouse size, driving motorcycles, battling giant bosses, and other twists that ramp up the insanity. Pool Panic is due out for the Switch and PC on July 19, and may definitely be worth taking a look at.