Celebrate Independence Day with Call of Duty: WWII’s Latest Community Event

Sledgehammer Games is back with another Call of Duty: WWII community event, this time celebrating US Independence Day.

Be prepared to show your national pride during the Call of Duty: WWII ‘Liberty Strike’ event. Starting today and running through July 24, Liberty Strikes provides players with new gear to collect, weapons to unlock, and challenges to complete as a community.

While the event is themed around the US Independence holiday, players will be able to collect gear from a variety of countries. Asides from the US, other countries represented include the UK, Canada, and New Zealand among others.

Then, of course, there are the new weapons, which include three new firearms and a single melee weapons. They are the ZK-383 submachine gun, the silenced De Lisle sniper rifle, AVS-36 rifle, and Push Dagger. The ZK-383 submachine gun can be earned by prestiging the new Cavalry division. It is unknown if there are ways to get the other weapons without spending Armory Credits or getting lucky with Supply Drops.

Double experience returns alongside some limited time game modes. Be on the lookout for One Shot and Hardcore Ricochet during the coming weeks. Winning matches in these and every other mode will help complete the community challenge. The goal is to win 260 million matches, and every win counts towards the total.

Call of Duty: WWII is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to log in starting today to participate in the event.