Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix Announced for Nintendo Switch

Circle Entertainment and RideonJapan today announced Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix for Nintendo Switch.

The False Phoenix will have similar gameplay to Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, which was released on the Switch eShop in February, but it will have its own separate story.

According to Circle, the latest installment in the Mercenaries series is not classed as an “orthodox sequel,” meaning players do not need any previous experience with the original trilogy to enjoy The False Phoenix.

More details on The False Phoenix will be revealed over the coming weeks and months, Circle confirmed in its press release.

The False Phoenix is slated for release before the end of 2018.

In the meantime, Mercenaries Saga Chronicles is currently ten percent off on the Switch eShop. The title is only available digitally at the moment, but Mercenaries Saga will be getting a physical release for the Switch.