Semblance Squeezes Out a July 24 Release Date

We’ve discussed earlier how Semblance, the upcoming game from Good Shepherd and developers Nyamakop, has gradually evolved bit by bit over time until it’s seemingly become more than just a mere puzzle-platformer. With every new development, more and more has been added in slight amounts in order to flesh out the game’s world and fill it with more detail, and at long last, the journey is complete. Semblance has now locked down a release date for later this July, which you can check out in the brand-new trailer below.

Showing off a decent chunk of the story and gameplay, the trailer sets up the seemingly simple story of a world ravaged by a mysterious force hardening and crystallizing everything, and it’s up to our little blob of a hero to save the day, deforming the terrain (and themselves, if needed) in order to solve various puzzles and bypass obstacles in their path. Semblance is due out on July 24 for both the PC and Switch, and is definitely one to not miss out on.