Dead Island Just Reanimated As a Tower Defense Mobile Game

We’re still awaiting an update on the alleged sequel to the 2011 first-person, survival-horror Dead Island, originally developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver — Sumo Digital having taken over development duty as far back as early 2016 following the insolvency of previous developers Yager Productions and Techland having obviously moved onto their own [then] new IP, Dying Light. In the meantime, Deep Silver made it a surprise announcement by today unveiling the series’ latest, risen form: a mobile spin-off referred to as Dead Island: Survivors.

Survivors is essentially a free-to-play, tower defense game billed as an Action RPG, that’s described further as being “content-rich” and “created with true love for the genre”, though suffice to say — on its cinematic trailer alone — its a far-cry, visually, from its debut roots which aimed for a more grittier, realistic approach to the zombie craze seven years ago. Upon closer inspection in the app store, the game does indeed feature in-app purchases from new characters to new items/weapons and of course cosmetic skins for said items and weapons. See how much of a visual change the series has undergone in the trailer which you can view right here. Dead Island: Survivors is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.