Sea of Thieves Adds ‘Bear and Bird’ Figurehead, Fixes Issues

Patch 1.1.5 is now live for Sea of Thieves, and it’s brought a few new cosmetics along with the expected quality of life improvements. The most notable among these is the “Bear and Bird” figurehead, an item made to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Banjo-Kazooie and limited to the month of July. Players looking to pick it up before it’s gone will need to fork-over 1998 gold in order to give it a permanent home on their ship or in the vault.

Quality of life improvements include:

  • Cannonballs now apply a rocking effect when they impact upon a ship
  • PC players now have the ability to exit to the desktop from within the game
  • Player titles are now removed from the shop once they’re purchased

Many issues have also been resolved with this patch; the full list includes:

  • Multiple megalodons no longer spawn in the same zone
  • Megalodon encounter music no longer plays while riding the ferry
  • “Crew Managment” and “Allow Friends” menu text has been localized to all languages
  • The invisible rock in Thieves’ Haven is gone
  • ‘Skeleton Exploder’ now shows the right icon in the Vanity Chest
  • Players can no longer clip through walls in Plunder Valley
  • VFX for lighting gunpowder barrels now appear connected to the fuse
  • Shooting oneself from the cannon on the north side of Devil’s Ridge no longer results in getting teleported back to one’s ship.
  • Header and Footer UI in shops is now consistent with the UI in all other menus
  • The “more” button on all radials now updates to reflect new key bindings
  • Resource barrels on ships no longer periodically restock if they’re below the default level

The team also listed a few known issues they’re working on like “Hungering Deep” rewards not properly being awarded and traveling in unintended directions after being fired from cannons. Players interested in learning more can check out the full list right here. For those wondering what exactly Sea of Thieves even is, see our review for the full rundown. To learn more about the changes coming to the game, check out our Sea of Thieves E3 coverage.