BioWare Releases 20 Minutes of Anthem Gameplay

BioWare today dropped a 20 minute gameplay walkthrough for their upcoming shared-world shooter, Anthem.

EA and BioWare strode into E3 2018 with a lot to prove. Few were sold on their new project Anthem after numerous leaks suggested development wasn’t going well, and after the whole Loot Box debacle Star Wars Battlefront II, it was hard to trust anything EA said. However, despite this, the company brought a strong demo showcasing many of Anthem’s core features. Now, the company has released what they showed.

Narrated by Lead Producer Ben Irving, the 20-minute gameplay walkthrough sees four Freelancers work together to complete the missions ‘Scars & Villainy.’ During the demo, players will get a good look at traversal, combat, and teamwork in the world of Anthem.

Anthem is out February 22, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.