Bulkhead Interactive Open New Munich Studio, New Project Beginning in 2019

UK-based developer Bulkhead Interactive are expanding into Europe, the studio announced today with the opening of new offices in Munich, Germany. With the original studio now rebranding itself under the name of Bulkhead Phoenix, the Munich-based offices, dubbed Bulkhead Darkhorse, will also begin work on what the developer has described as a brand new first-person shooter throughout 2019.

Bulkhead Phoenix, as they are referred to now, in the meantime are continuing to bring their latest crowd-funded, military shooter, Battalion 1944, out of Early Access since its inauguration last February. Its their first venture into the genre having previously released exclusively puzzle-based titles prior — first with debutant, Pneuma: Breath of Life in 2014 and following that up with the more acclaimed The Turing Test in 2016.