South Korea Reveals Final Seven Man Roster for OWWC

South Korea has revealed the final 7-man roster for the upcoming Overwatch World Cup.

Earlier this week Korea showed off what they’re lineup could be with many notable names from the Overwatch League. Today, they’ve announced the roster that will be competing on stage at Incheon.

That roster is:

  • DPS
    • Saebyeolbe
    • Libero
    • Carpe
  • Tank
    • Fate
    • MekO
  • Support
    • JJonaK
    • Ark

As you can see the New York Excelsior are very well represented here and have 5 of the 7 spots available. In reality, no matter who they put on the team from their previous list would have been a great addition. The Overwatch World Cup is scheduled to start August 17 in Incheon.