Descend Towards All the Bad Things in Garage’s Steam Launch Trailer

Once upon a time the mighty “mall” infested the world, nestled snug in the urban landscape feeding on the unwitting shopper like a giant pitcher plant that lured its victims in to drain their essence.  The largest of these carnivorous buildings frequently had a support-organ called a “parking garage”, where people could leave their cars in the vain hope that, someday, they might use them to return home.  No records exist of this ever happening, so the parking garages had to be huge to house an endless stream of vehicles.  A viral outbreak turning shoppers into flesh-eating zombies is just about the only thing that could make the situation worse, but even so it was only a marginal increase in overall horror.  When a former drug dealer wakes up in the trunk of a car in a mall’s garage with no memory of how he got there the situation  seems bleak, and the wandering undead aren’t helping, but at least he only needs to descend into the secrets buried deep in the tunnels below rather than go into the mall itself.

Garage: Bad Trip is an overhead-view pixel-art descent into VHS-styled splatterpunk where slow-paced atmospheric exploration can turn into a frenzied attack of mutants, rats, and other assorted biological freaks without a moment’s notice.  It released today on Steam after almost two months of Switch exclusivity, infecting the PC with its lo-fi gore and weirdness.  It’s a compulsively playable adventure where one encounter leads to another as the creatures get bigger and more dangerous to match your growing arsenal, and the only sane thing to do is keep moving forward no matter how badly the situation spirals out of control.  Check out the PC launch trailer below to get a sense of things, but as bizarre as it looks there’s a whole lot more carnage waiting in the depths of the garage.