Bungie Pulls Back the Curtain Slightly for Destiny 2’s Moments of Triumph

Not following the typical weekly blog post format, Bungie put out more of a celebration update to honor Bungie Day. Annually on the seventh day of the seventh month of the year Bungie and fans come together celebrating the community and the games shared among them — specifically Destiny 2 this time around and the Moments of Triumph are already underway.

As of now, Moments of Triumph have become available for Destiny 2 on Bungie.net. It’s the end of a chapter for Destiny 2 with Moments of Triumph moving Guardians on to the next stage of Destiny 2. For anyone who played Destiny this will be a familiar rite and for those new something exciting to look forward too. Starting now players can participate in various in-game activities to earn progress towards Triumph Points which guarantee unique rewards.

While the full package for Moments of Triumph isn’t quite fully available in Destiny 2, Guardians won’t have to wait long having Solstice of Heroes kick things off adding more Triumphs on July 17 and then again the full list of Triumphs unlocking July 31.

The Solstice of Heroes update will add the Triumphs in game for players to track their progress and earn those sweet rewards. The breakdown of rewards is as follows:

  • Complete any Triumph – Get your tracking emblem for Moments of Triumph
    • This emblem will show total Triumph Points earned
  • 125 points – Get the Right Choice, a Legendary Ghost Shell
  • 250 points – The Solstice of Heroes Moments of Triumph T-shirt offer becomes available
  • 300 points – Get Comrades in Arms, a Legendary Sparrow
  • 400 points (all) – Get the Eternally Triumphant emblem upgrade

Everything seen above won’t be the only reward for doing activities in Solstice of Heroes but Bungie is keeping their lips sealed saying more information will be on the way as the event draws near. Stay tuned, Guardian, and get ready for another info drop on July 17