Run Like Mad and Never Stop for Anything but Explosions in Mugsters Failure Trailer

It’s a lot easier to save the world when the aliens are less on the ball with their death traps.  The days when you could sneeze on an alien and Germ it to death are long gone, and now the best you can hope for is to run, drive, and fly as fast as possible while saving as many along the way as is practical.  Mugsters is a high-color low-poly semi-sandbox game set on a series of islands where terrible machinery and assorted death traps stand between you and the people you’re trying to rescue, and your only advantage is in using whatever vehicles you can find and sacrificing them as necessary.  Or, when things go wrong, sacrificing yourself and everyone counting on you when a plan falls apart.  A new trailer was released today in anticipation of Mugster’s June 17 release, and instead of reveling in the glory of victory it shows a small handful of the way a good run can turn into total failure.  Scrambling through a gauntlet of giant evil spherical doom-ships or a string of gaming-standard exploding barrels and spike traps is bound to go wrong more often than right, and while victory can be satisfying there’s something to be said for the chaotic entertainment found in a hard-fought defeat.  Besides, there’s always another life waiting to get it right the next time.