Travel in Style this Summer with Destination Pokémon Collection

Summer vacations are in full swing with all sorts of trips to the beach, mountains, lakes and other fun locations. You will need proper attire and equipment for your adventures and if you’re a huge fan of Pokémon, this brand new line has everything you need. The Destination Pokémon collection is the perfect blend of fashion, function and collectibles.

A number of nifty items have been revealed and all feature some cool designs every Pokémaniac will recognize. There are posters depicting some landmark locations of every region along with the silhouette of a local Pokémon. The backpack has matching images against a white canvas as well as very plush straps to keep your comfortable while touring. A travel tumbler is perfect for keeping a beverage warm and toasty while trekking through Snowpoint City or cool and refreshing along Hano Beach.

Stickers, journals and more are also part of the Destination collection. Check out everything on the Pokémon Center website. Make the most of your summer months while you still can!