Dive into Alien Underwater Worlds in Subnautica

Time to brush off that scuba gear in preparation for UnknownWorlds Entertainment and Panic Button’s upcoming underwater exploration adventure: Subnautica. Crash land on an alien water-world (minus Kevin Costner) and become one with the surroundings as players must survive by crafting, gathering and exploring until help arrives. With an announcement trailer revealed for consoles, prospective players can take a peek at what this alien planet has to offer.

Initial impressions give off a No Man’s Sky feel (hopefully without all the technical blunders) with colorful environments, flora and fauna to observe, and crafting to be done. It appears players can even make themselves as comfortable as they wish through the use of base building. Not everything within this world proves useful, however, as the deeper players explore, the more hostile elements become. Get ready to dive into Subnautica as it releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Holiday 2018, with the PC version available now through Steam.