Kitfox Announces Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind in Whimsical Trailer

Announced today Kitfox was happy to finally unveil upcoming title Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind a spiritual successor to a beloved classic title King of Dragon Pass.

Six Ages will blend roleplaying, mythology, resource management and decisions with long-term consequences just as King of Dragon Pass did. Through beautiful procedural content with over 400 interactive scenes Six Ages will allow for dynamic and multiple playthroughs.

Being the spiritual successor Six Ages hasn’t changed to much of the formula from King of Dragon Pass with players creating their own clan, visiting gods and becoming respected in communities while raiding others. Players will be exploring an entirely new part of Glorantha a few millennia earlier from King of Dragon Pass.

Six Ages matches King of Dragon Pass so closely that many of the original team members have been brought onboard. When King of Dragon Pass was created it had it’s roots deep in tabletop RPG game run by David Dunham, eventually becoming a novel King of Sartar leading to the computer game King of Dragon Pass released in 1999 and remastered in 2011 (for iOS and other platforms.)

It was in 2010 that David begin the stirrings for six short tabletop RPG campaigns. The campaigns explored different periods and clans in the history of Glorantha. It wasn’t until 2014 David realized he had the basis for a game that wasn’t a sequel to King of Dragon Pass but could be an inspired reworking. That same year in August 2014 David and a team of freelancers began work on Six Ages.

See the short teaser trailer below and get ready for the epic fantasy of Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind coming to PC and iOS in 2019.