Overwatch League Playoffs Day 1 Recap

The first day of the Overwatch League Playoffs have come and gone and if the rest of the series is anything like last night, we are in for a wild ride. It was a night full of unorthodox strategies, and some heavy plays.

It all started with the sixth seed Philadelphia Fusion taking on the third seed Boston Uprising. The Fusion were able to come out on top with a surprising and convincing 3-1 win. Boston took a more conservative Dive composition throughout the game, while the Fusion made some incredibly weird picks that allowed them to throw the Uprising off their game. Subbing Hotba for Poko in round 2 was surprising since the Sado/Hotba and Fragi/Poko duos have been so standard from the Fusion throughout the season. We also saw Boombox on the Roadhog, giving the Fusion a triple Tank, single Healer comp that really ended up working for them. Carpe and EQo working the double sniper comp helped as well, being able to take minimal damage. The third round went to Volskaya, where Boston have never seen a loss. The Fusion were ready for this, it seemed, however, coming out with the weirdest comp ever. They swapped Boombox out for Hotba, giving them three Tank players, but instead of running the triple Tank, they had Hotba on Tracer. With the triple DPS, Philly was able to grab a convincing win.

Next up was the London Spitfire, sitting at fifth seed, and the LA Gladiators, who currently sit at fourth seed. This game was a complete blowout, with the LA Gladiators taking the full sweep. Despite smart comps from the London Spitfire in round one on Junkertown, with their triple Tank with BDosin working the Roadhog, they were unable to hold off the LA defense. When the Gladiators were on the attack, they blasted through each checkpoint with their Bastion/Orisa pirate ship comp. From there, it was a convincing win on Lijiang Tower and King’s Row. King’s Row had one of the most ridiculous plays in the Overwatch League so far, with the Gladiators taking the Reinhardt/Zarya comp all the way around to the high ground on point one, with Surefour staying back on the Widowmaker to flank the turned-around Spitfire. It was some of the cleanest Overwatch we’ve seen in season one.

The rest of the Playoffs will go like this — Friday at 8 pm EST will have the Philadelphia Fusion and the Boston Uprising going up in a doubleheader to qualify and go up against New York. Friday at 4 pm EST will have London and the LA Gladiators in a doubleheader for the chance to take on the LA Valiant.

Next week will take the same structure, with Wednesday having one higher seed game and one lower seed game, and the next two days being doubleheaders with the lower seed games on Friday and the higher seed games on Saturday. After that, the next week will see the grand finals, with one game on Friday and two on Saturday.