Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Wild at Heart, Impossible Bottles, Many More

Well, time for another Screenshot Saturday roundup, where we perform a sweep of Twitter in order to collect a batch of snippets and shots from various potential indie hits! And we noticed that a lot of people seem to be posting them earlier and earlier on Friday, though, meaning it’s starting to feel like department store starting the Christmas season early…a bit of that “Christmas in July” fever, I suppose? Maybe they just can’t contain their excitement any longer? Well, with stuff like this, who can blame them! So let’s get right into it already…

The Wild at Heart- Details are still a bit scarce for this adventure title at the moment, but the vibe we’re getting is “Pikmin, but with an ’80s fantasy setting and more stylized art” as players command groups of small Spritelings in order to collect resources to solve puzzle and rebuild towns. But in the beginning, you have to set up a modest base of operations, which still looks absolutely gorgeous.

Impossible Bottles- We have alternate universes where power is supplied by steam, magic, whale oil, and much more, but never have we considered a world where power is generated by a tribe of underground robots whose dancing creates energy? If we haven’t, for shame, and thankfully we’ll now have what appears to be a potentially astounding rhythm game to fix that mistake (with nifty tunes, as seen here).

Akane- A cyberpunk arcade action game where you slash and shoot your way through arenas filled with Yakuza gang members and more. Looks to be extremely fast-paced, colorful, and fun, even with just a fraction of the frenzied chaos as seen above. And we know we feature games like this a lot here, so don’t worry, we won’t have any other pixelated, ultra-violent twin-stick action games from now on.

The Hong Kong Massacre- See? Here’s an ultra-violent twin-stick action game that isn’t pixelated! Totally different! In all seriousness, this looks like a truly glorious and crazed ode to Hong Kong action films, as the sheer number of sparks and explosions here from gunfire alone can attest to. All we need are some doves, and John Woo would be proud.

Once Upon a Coma- You wouldn’t expect a side-scrolling atmospheric horror platformer to contain nods to 3D Zelda games, but there you go. Considering this takes place in a world where a kid wakes up a coma only to find all the adults mysteriously missing, odds are the menagerie of lone kids are now using it as an excuse to act out video games without rules slowing them down anyway.

Help! I’m Haunted- With the 8-bit Ghostbusters games having been botched up, it actually makes sense that someone would try and find a way to improve upon them with a spiritual successor, and that’s where a paranormal investigator in Neo-Transylvania comes in. I don’t think the Ghostbusters have tackled anime witched before, though, but it’s probably what they’d want in one of their games.

Weaving Tides- Hop on the back of a giant dragon and use its special weaving abilities to fix the cloth-like land beneath you that’s drenched in Autumn colors. Whatever new features they have in mind, we can;t wait for them, but as these shots show, things are already immensely stunning as is.

Russian Subway Dogs- Things move pretty quick here, so allow me to try and sum up what may take multiple viewings to gather: The dog you play as jumps up and knocks the bottle of vodka out of the guy’s hand at the same time as the flaming bear takes a swipe at the woman, knocking the fish out of her hand, then the vodka and fish collide in mid-air, cooking the fish, at which point the poodle jumps up and grabs it. Just another day in your average arcade subway.

Star Renegades- The creators of Halcyon 6 comes another 16-bit sci-fi epic, this time in the form of a tactical rogue RPG. And it says a lot that the map screen alone demonstrates the insane level of effort they’ve been putting into everything. Thankfully, everything else seems to be coming across just as nice so far.

Blubber Busters- Well, this makes two Screenshot Saturdays in a row now that have prominently featured space whales. Who could have predicted it? Except this time, instead of being in the background, the whales are the background as you head inside of them to cure various ailments, taking the form of a 2D action-platformer. As seen here, though, the prep for surgery is a bit more…unorthodox than one would expect.

Black Paradox- Do we feature way too many ’80s-inspired games here as well? Probably. But when you have a shoot-’em-up that features a bounty hunter cruising through space in an interstellar DeLorean and pulling off insane attacks in a bullet hell environment in order to take down a band of pirates…well, you can’t really resist that, can you?


The Iron Oath- A turn-based tactical RPG with a ton of area to explore, skills to manage, and choices to make. Though right now, it’s looks like we’re focusing on critical hits at the moment. Me, I’d argue that they can never be too intense, because you really want to nail down the impact a good blow can make.

MindSeize- Currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, what we have here is a classic metroidvania game where you put your mind in a robot body and head out it order to hunt down an evil organization that’s stealing other people’s minds. And per genre tradition, expect a lot of hidden secrets like these as you play, hopefully sometimes containing more pleasant surprises.

The Moon Fields- The use of the Octopath Traveler hashtag is a bit of a cheap trick, but the new maps showcasing the unique mix of pixel and voxel art for this multiplayer party brawler are quite impressive indeed, so I’ll allow it for now. The gameplay had better be just as good, though…

Astronaut: The Best- A surreal simulation game where you have to assemble and train a team of ragtag astronauts, featuring some rather bizarre characters and bosses in charge of you. I mean, who knew the sun was so annoyingly strict about medicine? Geez, way to be a buzzkill, sun worshipers…

Shooting Hoops- Great mobile games, like great puzzle games, are best when adhering to the “genius in its simplicity” philosophy. And sticking a pellet gun onto various balls so that you have it bouncing around wildly due to recoil in order to get it into a hoop? Yeah, we can definitely see us wasting several hours on a potential simple gem like this.