Tempest 4000 is Loud, Bright and Packed with Bullet Hell

Announced today Atari dropped the news on Tempest 4000 the long-awaited sequel to classic arcade game Tempest. The best part is there is no wait, Tempest 4000 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One as of today.

From legendary game designer Jeff Minter, Tempest 4000 is action packed, even more visually stunning and full of all the shooting one could want in beautiful 4K. It’s been over thirty years since Tempest released and getting this new interpretation of a classic arcade shooter seems to be more than just a slick coat of paint. Chief Operating Officer, Todd Shallbetter stating “While we added new features and enhanced graphics for today’s platforms, Tempest 4000 still remains true to the original with the same fast-paced, perfectly balanced gameplay and unique visual style.”

Players will be taking control the Claw making it’s return from the original Tempest and still just as good at blasting aliens. With three game modes and over 100 levels to play through, players will have more than enough challenges to climb the leaderboards.

See the full trailer for Tempest 4000 below and pick it up today on PS4 and Xbox One for 29.99 USD or PC for 19.99 USD.